Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, we made it here yesterday afternoon:

after an excruciating 12-hour drive (it normally takes 9) due to fog and traffic, and after having gotten up at 2:30 am to leave. (Whose insane idea was that, you ask? Not mine. And I have informed Frédéric that he is now "worse than my dad." However, he has seen the error of his ways, and claims he won't do it again.)

The boys started ski lessons today, and this afternoon Frédéric took them out to the nursery slope to practice some more. They are little pros already!

And these were our conversations today, because the fun never stops around here...

Benjamin: Can I stop eating?
Me: You didn't eat your meat. Did you know meat is protein? It builds your muscles. You need muscles to go skiing.
Benjamin, drooping over his plate: I don't need them to sleep.

Noah was telling Frédéric about his ski lesson this morning.
Noah: I don't want to go to ski class tomorrow.
Frédéric: Why not? You need to learn to ski so you can ski with me.
Noah: No, I don't want to go to ski class because I don't like the tapis. [conveyor belt]
Frédéric: The tapis is good, it takes you to the top so you can go down.
Noah: I don't like it because you have to not move. I don't like to not move.

Yes, that last sentence pretty much defines Noah... (who, by the way, poured the entire kids' shampoo bottle into the tub tonight, on evening 2 out of 7 of vacation).

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