Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What do you do in the evenings during a ski vacation?

You watch Tintin with Daddy...

or watch cartoons by yourself...

or practice writing, copying from your books. (This was all Noah's idea.)

Like the first page, this says, "You may not believe it, but here's how it happe..."

and we learn about Noah's theories of linguistics:

Noah: Mommy, how do you write "je t'aime"?
[I painstakingly spell it out for him... it's all fine until we get to the "e" at the end.]
Noah: But I don't like to put "e" at the end.
Me: Uh. You have to, that's how it's spelled.
Noah: But I don't like to put "e" at the end. Je t'aim-euh. Je t'aime.
Me: You don't get to choose how to spell it. That's how it's spelled.
Noah: Who choosed it? You?
Me: No...
Noah: It's God that choosed?
Me: Uh, no.
Noah: Maybe God. I think it's God.

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Ryan said...

Poor kid, bilingual in the two most illogically-spelled languages in the world.