Saturday, March 2, 2013


So, most kids cut their own hair at some point. Right? (This is where I just skim over the part about this being Noah's second time, at least, to do this.) But I think most kids do this around 3, not almost 5, and most kids don't ask their DAD to even it up.

Bad idea, Noah, bad idea.

The thing is, there was no "evening up" to be done, unless we were going to just shave his head. Frédéric had never cut the boys' hair before, but he is not one to shy away from a challenge. And after all, I had said they needed haircuts before they went back to school Monday, so he thought he ought to help out.

Typically I cut their hair every 6-8 weeks (when they get to looking a little too shaggy), and do my best, and then have Peggy fix it up when we come home to the US in November. Frédéric generally serves as "quality control," making sure I didn't miss too many spots.

Well, you know that saying, "those who can't, teach"? In this case, "those who can't, do quality control."

I fixed it up the best I could once I convinced Frédéric to put down the scissors, slowly, and slowly step away from them. Doesn't look too awful in this picture, but that's mainly because his hair is still wet.

You can see the missing locks here better. Noah did a great job of just chopping that front bit all off. And Frédéric was trying to "even it up" to the same level! Eeek!!

I told Noah we could go borrow our friends' clippers and just give him a buzz cut, but he said no. So this is the best we could do til it grows out again. And if anyone asks, I shall gladly tell the truth. "Yes, normally I do cut their hair myself. However, THIS was not my fault." Actually, I may just volunteer that information to any and everyone I pass on the street if Noah is with me, whether they ask or not.

People have told Frédéric all kinds of work he could do in the US, be a mechanic, open a pizzeria or a bakery... but I don't think anyone will ever suggest he open a hair salon.

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