Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Since Benjamin was sick this weekend, and we found out that he'd been exposed to scarlet fever earlier this week, we didn't make it out to church today. But the Easter Bunny found his way to our house.

These are the mythological pictures of the Easter egg hunt. The real story goes more like this - Benjamin peeked out of his window while the Easter bunny (who looks strangely like Frédéric) hid the eggs, so he had a head start on their hiding places. (Not that they were all that well hidden; clearly the Easter Bunny needs to work a little harder next year.) Much to his chagrin, we made him stop when he got to 20 eggs so Noah could find the rest.

(Pssst, Frédéric, Those two laurel bushes still need to be removed!!)

Gala came out to watch, but I think she would have preferred that we let her loose to go find the eggs, too.

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