Sunday, May 12, 2013

French Countryside

The other unfortunate part of taking Benjamin to his gymnastics competition by myself, besides Frédéric missing out on seeing him, was that I couldn't take pictures of the scenery as we drove there. I warned Benjamin that we'd be stopping to take pictures on the way home, and we did.

A village church. Brick construction is typical of the northern areas of France.

This monument is to the Battle of St Quentin, in the war between France and Spain in 1577.

Lots of rapeseed in our area this time of year, I love the bright yellow fields. They make up for our gray skies.

We found a WWI cemetery on our way back. French, North African, and German soldiers were all buried there.

This is a lieu-dit, which is even smaller than a village. According to Wikipedia, a lieu-dit is not necessarily inhabited at all, though most I've seen have been.

A pretty village church.

With a pretty town hall just across the way.

More rapeseed fields.

Most of the roads to and from the gymnastics competition looked like this. It still amazes me that anyone could want to live in Paris when there are so many more beautiful areas to live in. Like ours!

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