Monday, May 20, 2013

My new office!

So, working from home is wonderful, and I love my job, and all of the advantages of working from home. I'm available to pick up the kids from school, don't have to pay for daycare or school lunch, and can make my hours as flexible as I like.

However, trying to get work done when the kids are home, during school vacations or days off (like today, Pentecost Monday), is next to impossible. Even when Frédéric is off work and home with them, the noise permeates my office and I always end up coming out to break up fights.

I've explained to Frédéric that when he goes to work, he is unavailable to us for about 10 hours a day, and that I don't have that luxury since I can't "go" to work. So we have found a solution... my independent office!

We found it online - it's a 1970s or earlier camper trailer that's been completely redone. The guy sold it because he was redoing a larger one for his own family. The price couldn't be beat, so we jumped on it and Frédéric and his friend went down to Angers - 4 hours away! - to pick it up for me today.

Getting it under the carport was something of a challenge since with the "trash can port" in front of the carport, the trailer wouldn't fit from the front. They had to push it all the way around the yard to bring it in from the back.

But they made it! In theory, this is its temporary spot; eventually it will move to the back yard, but we can't move it there now without destroying the vegetable garden. I wouldn't mind leaving it here, except that I don't know where we would put the firewood... still thinking about this.

My new work table! The whole thing has been rewired, so I can plug my computer in with no problems, and there are lights inside, too.

As an added bonus, it sleeps four people! Well, two have to be pretty small, to fit in the bunk beds, but still.

It is exactly what we were looking for, and I am looking forward to "going to work" as soon as Frédéric finds the proper extension cord to bring the electricity to it for me.


Wonky73 said...

That is awesome. I'd love to have a separate place like that to work/write in.

Alisa said...

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to having my own space, with much less noise.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Congratulations on your new independent office - you deserved it. Now you will need a nameplate that reads "Alisa - President" - haa haa.
Your "office" reminds me of the wonderful camping trips we had while living in Michigan.