Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Way with Words

At 5, besides being a great pastry chef, Noah also has an interesting relationship with words.

This has been exhibited in the past by his refusal to spell an object correctly because, "I don't want to write it that way," despite my attempted explanations of the reasons for standardized spelling.

Me: Noah, what are you doing?
Noah: Je vais dehors. [I'm going outside.]
Me: You're not even dressed!
Noah: Justement comme ├ža c'est plus simple de mettre mon joru. [Exactly, that way it's easier to put on my joru.]
Me: What's a joru?
Noah: Un maillot de bain. [A swimsuit.]
Me: Why is it a joru?
Noah: C'est un plus joli nom ! [It's a prettier name!]

Yesterday we watched a nature show on TV. It had bourdons on it, so I told him those were called "bumblebees" in English.
He informed me that we could just call them "bumble, because it is shorter."

And yes, both kids like to answer me in French... all the more reason for you to come over and visit and get them speaking more English!

He also builds more interesting Lego creations than just cars... his latest creations included a tractor, a combine harvester, and "a bus that takes all the people to the campgrounds."

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

I would love to visit but then you would not want the kids speaking English (and French) with a Vietnamese-Chinese accent ;>(
Your snickerdoodles look great but (sorry) I still prefer Noah's cake and Frederic's baquette (just like the ones I used to eat in Viet Nam).
Loved the photos from Gymnastics gala.
Have a good week,
BTW - Will trade your gray weather to hot and humid of STL - haa haa