Monday, August 19, 2013


In the eight years (!) we've had the condo, this was our first time to go to the resort during the summer season. Normally we go either in winter, or in the off-season (June or November), just to check up on things. But since we really, really didn't want to drive the whole way back from vacation with the rest of France on a Saturday, we drove to the mountains instead. Much less traffic. And more fun!

We let the boys do a ropes course. Noah was a little disappointed to not get to do the "real" course, but you had to be six years old to do it. Next year! As you can see, Benjamin was thrilled to do the "real" course, with the harness and all. He did a great job, and fortunately didn't fall from fifteen or twenty feet up the couple of times he forgot the cardinal rule of not unhooking both carabiners at once.

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