Sunday, August 4, 2013

There is a fifth dimension

beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

And that is where we find ourselves right now. If you keep up with the sappy blog posts going around Facebook, you may have seen one about "the sweet spot." It's one of those cheesy parenting posts about how everything is going right at that one moment, please slow the time down, blah blah blah. I skimmed it the other day after someone posted it, and I thought, like I do about most similar parenting blog posts, "Yeah, right. Never happen."

But go figure: since yesterday we've been in the Twilight Zone. (As far as I'm concerned, that is a much more appropriate name for this phenomenon.)

The boys have played together, all day long, without fussing or fighting. They take turns playing what the other wants to play. Each allows the other in his bedroom. They even, in a moment during which I stifled my laughter, exchanged reward systems:

"Noah, if you are nice for a whole week, I will give you a [Pokeman] card. If you are nice ALL the time, I will let you have my cards for a week. But then you have to give them back."

"Benjamin, if you are nice, I will let you come in my room, when I am in it. But only when I am in it."

No, for real. I know, I can barely believe it myself. And I have photographic proof, and this one I am NOT making up (unlike most of my Parental Mythology photos). Ok, you can't tell in these two pictures, but they were both in Noah's room, Noah pretending to nap (what did I tell you?! Twilight Zone!!) and Benjamin building with Noah's Legos. And NO fighting! I swear!

Then today, Benjamin wanted to do his elasticity experiment kit, and make rubber balls. He not only let Noah do one, he let Noah go first.

I am definitely not complaining (after all, it has taken 5 years and 3 months to get to this point), but I think I'll be spending the entire night in prayer from here on out because I'm pretty sure this means the end of the world is coming in a couple of days.

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