Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trip Home: Day 1

We flew home Nov 20th. And we got to fly in style!

Despite a minor disagreement initially with the flight attendants over whether we should really be seated together (they said no, as they didn't want to commit the cardinal sin of asking a business class passenger to *gasp* move; I said yes, because would they *really* be happier seated next to a stranger's children?? Come on...), we had one of the best flights we've ever had. This was due in large part to the fact that Noah didn't feel the need to chatter for the *entire* nine hours (only part of it). It didn't hurt, either, that seats are so much more comfortable in business class (sure wish they made coach class seats like this!!), or that we only had a few spots of turbulence. And the flight attendant serving Noah's aisle took a liking to him, so he had all the ice cream he could eat - what could be better?!

Then we arrived... and here is my favorite part of any trip. (He was out in less than 2 minutes, in spite of protesting that the bed was too small for him and he'd never be able to fall asleep. Ha.)

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

We had a similar encounter when we flew back to NYC to visit my family in 2010. We were able to upgrade to first class but had to sit separately. My husband committed the cardinal sin of asking the other passengers to move so we could sit together. They all refused – I just smiled and wished them a Merry Christmas. However, we did not get any ice cream!