Saturday, March 8, 2014

Six Year Old Whirlwind!

Congratulations to us, we have survived six years!!

Noah insisted on making his own birthday cake this year.

In true Noah fashion, he decided to "invent" his own recipe for it. It was a chocolate cinnamon cake, which he gave the working title of "Rafistolage" (sort of like "patching up").

His final name for it is "Gateau Cinnamonté". (Cinnamon is really "cannelle" in French, but isn't "cinnamonté" much cuter than "cannellé"?)

Those hieroglyphics on the right hand side spell out Noah. When you're just learning cursive, and just learning to decorate cakes, combining the two might be a bit of a lofty goal.

We had our friends over for cake and ice cream with us, and Noah was thrilled with his presents, particularly the tractor and the construction machine.

Frédéric, Benjamin, and Noah also went out to see the Lego movie earlier this week as part of Noah's birthday celebration.

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