Sunday, July 20, 2014

Axo' Plage

We've been living here for eight years now (!) but hadn't yet visited Axo' Plage. Noah and I decided to go this summer (summer weather, 89°F or so, lasted about 3 days, so we had to take advantage of that small window to go) with a friend from the village and see it for ourselves.  This is our nearest beach, about 30-40 minutes away, on a lake.

First we stopped for a look at Lac de l'Ailette, which is on the other side of Lac de Monampteuil, where we were going.

The beach also includes a large, grassy park, complete with several different playground areas, so we took advantage of those on our way in.

We arrived as soon as the park opened; so there weren't too many people yet. By the time we left, it was packed, with more coming in all the time!

Noah had sand and water - he didn't need anything else!

As one might expect in the frozen north, the lake water was frigid despite the swimming area not being much more than 2-3 feet deep quite a ways out. But the day was hot enough that we managed to get up our courage to go in a couple of times. (We being the adults; the kids had no problem with the water temperature!)

Noah made his own private "pool" on the beach before we left. I'm sure whoever inherited our spot after us was thrilled!  

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