Monday, July 28, 2014

First time at summer camp!

Benjamin went off to church camp for the first time this year, for two weeks. Camp is in the Ardèche region towards the south of France, about two hours southeast of Lyon. We debated driving him down, but in the end, let him take the train with the others from Paris.

(In hindsight, driving would not have taken *that* much longer, since we were stuck in traffic around Paris and it took almost three hours to get to the train station, which meant we made it to his train with just 15 minutes to spare. But I digress...)

Taking the train was a highlight of the trip for him, which could explain his having chosen it as the setting for his very first selfie.

Camp also means letters home, right? Well... we thought it did. I asked him how many letters he was going to write us, so I could figure out how many envelopes and stamps to give him. He said he was going to write every day. I laughed. I gave him three stamped, addressed envelopes, and stationery, and we got three letters.

At least... we got these. The third one (not pictured) was on a whole piece of paper, but he only wrote to ask where his pocket money was. I can feel the love.

We also got him a digital camera, thinking that it would be a cheaper option in the long run than a disposable. He took all of.... 26 photos.

When he got off the train when we went to pick him up, he was beaming, and I am pretty sure that he grew a few inches while he was gone. In Bible class, he learned about Daniel, Nehemiah, and Esther - and he must have been listening, because he told us all the stories when he got back.

He had a great time!

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