Monday, June 1, 2015

Country market

After the Memorial Day ceremony, we accompanied our friends to a country market at Marigny-sur-Orxois. It seemed to be the place to be, given the crowds! They sold all kinds of things, but the cheeses are the most fun for pictures. Particularly these traditional ones, at left, on straw mats. The ones on the right are newer sheeps' milk cheeses.

One might say that these cheeses have seen better days, but the French appreciate them more in their old age.

As we were leaving, we saw this sign for the town "Ecoute s'il pleut." (Go see - literally, "listen" - if it's raining.) Wikipedia says this is an old/rare expression which means one of several things:
  1. A weak man, who is stopped by the smallest obstacles.
  2. A false promise, poor defeat, or very uncertain hope.
  3. A mill which only functions when the water where it is located is sufficiently high due to rain, or fed by locks.
So that is your French lesson for today. You're welcome!

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