Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pierrefonds Castle and the Heat Wave!

So it turns out that we're really popular people. The day after my friend left, my aunt, uncle, and cousins arrived from Croatia. It had been ten years since my aunt and uncle came through Paris on a whirlwind trip, so we were glad they got to visit this year. Today I took them to nearby Pierrefonds castle - a castle that really looks the way we Americans expect it to.

There was a new exhibit inside of medieval-style costumes from operas.

Our lucky visitors arrived just in time for the heat wave. It got up to around 100°F - we only get temperatures that high for about a week each year, so we don't have air conditioning, and aren't used to the stifling heat.

Fortunately, our guests were from Texas, so they thought it was nice, normal summer weather. Still, after our few tourist-type visits, some of us cooled off in the kids' pool. And when I say cooled off, I mean it... the warmest the water got, even during the heat wave, was about 66°F!

(You might be a French kid if you can't go in the pool in the yard without your swim cap...)

The boys also took advantage of the hot weather to pitch their first tent (with help from our aunt and uncle, the real pros), and sleep outside, where it was at least a little cooler than upstairs.

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