Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hidden Gem: Prieuré de Longpré

We woke up to this floating over our neighbors' houses yesterday morning.

We were looking for gardens to visit, and remembered the Prieuré de Longpré (Longpré Priory) that isn't too far from where we live, but which we had never had the opportunity to visit before, since it's not open the entire year. Despite the forbidding-looking gate, we got out for a look, and discovered that we had to ring to be allowed in.

We did, and didn't regret it. It was quite warm the day we visited, but the gardens are beautiful, and we were given a brochure that explained the use of the different buildings (but we could only visit the inside of the church ruins and the courtyard, with one open room).

It was a beautiful place to visit; well worth it, and nearby!

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