Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ile aux Cerfs

I did not see any cerfs (deer) at the Île aux Cerfs, but we did have an amazing day out! We started by taking a boat over to see waterfalls and monkeys.

Then we landed on the island. As soon as we got there, Sheila negotiated a deal for the boys to go parasailing. So Benjamin, Noah, Sheila, and I hopped in another boat that took us out to a floating platform.

When it was their turn, they and an instructor took off with this bright yellow parachute, pulled behind a boat.

After that, we lazed around the beach for a while, until the boat came back to take us to another island, where we had a delicious lunch of fish and chicken, enjoyed some live creole music, and then swam in the lagoon.

Then one last boat ride to take us back to the main island. I think I had enough boat rides in that one day to last me for a few years!

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