Friday, December 30, 2016

Super Tourists!

This was one of the absolute best things about our trip. Fresh lychees and pineapple any time we wanted them! 1€ / kg for the lychees. Absolutely, positively the best in the world.

Thursday, Christian took us on a tour of the island. We started out at Niagara Falls. (No, really.)
Then we drove up the mountains for a while...
To go see the "Bride's Veil" falls (la voile de la mariée). It had been pretty dry, so the falls were apparently less impressive than they might otherwise have been.

Then we went on to the "Bassin de la Paix" (pool of peace).

We stopped to look at this beautiful church, which has been repainted in its original colors. And we found some lychees and sweet potato cakes to add to our picnic.

We stopped for our picnic near the old suspension bridge of the East River. We had "bouchon" (pork dumpling) sandwiches and the aforementioned lychees and sweet potato cake. Yum!

Then we went to see the church Notre Dame des Laves (Our Lady of the Lava), renamed after it was spared by the lava flow of 1977.

More waterfalls after lunch.

And some more lava field visits on our way back to St Gilles, where we were staying. These were my favorite part of the island.

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