Monday, April 3, 2017

Well, and Flea Markets

So we finally got a break from swim meets. While Frederic was at work, the boys and I went to a flea market in our neighboring town of Montgobert. They hold their flea market on the local castle grounds, so it's a very picturesque one.
Benjamin found "une affaire en or" (a real bargain!) with this brand-new, unopened Lego set. A rare find!

And Noah was equally excited about his free find - and quite proud of having "detected" it without a metal detector in the field where we had parked.

Then, the weather was so nice, we went out for a walk/ride through the fields. (Along the grenade path, if you've followed along.)

No grenades today (whew) but Noah found quite a few treasures, like this authentic... spoon.

He actually spent more time like this than on his bicycle. Digging for treasures.

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