Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's on the move!

At 7 months, Noah has started crawling!

He did not learn this from his big brother, who never did crawl, but who doesn't seem to mind being on his tummy these days.

We also started Noah on solids (again) - we tried a month ago but he didn't care much for it or seem very ready, so we stopped. Now he is at the point where he is drooling over our food, and is much more excited about his. Right now he is still on cereal and peaches, and soon we'll branch out to other things.

And happy 8th anniversary to us today!

No dinner out since we have no babysitters or family around, but maybe we'll get a chance when we're home in November. We did have a nice, kid-free, Chinese dinner together once the boys were in bed.


KJWilsons said...

That's how Landon crawled too!
Happy Anniversary and beautiful flowers. What, no air conditioning as a gift? Tee Hee!

Jesse said...

So cute! I LOVE babies!!!!! Happy Anniversary too :)

Sandi said...

Yea, Noah! And Happy Anniversary!!