Friday, October 31, 2008

Burkholder Family Visit

Our friends Chris and Isabelle Burkholder visited us this week with their daughters, Julia and Chloe. Julia is a little younger than Benjamin and Chloe is a little older than Noah. Benjamin had a great time playing with Julia and was very sad to see her go on Wednesday.

We went to see the chateau de Pierrefonds with them while they were here.

I don't think you can even tell in this picture that Benjamin was crabby and Frederic had to tickle him to get him to smile.
(Noah was there too, he was in the stroller. See, proof!)

And now we are trying to get our ducks in a row for our trip home in 2 short weeks! (This is the reason for the lack of blog posts recently, too.)

Some things that have been keeping us busy besides work and little boys: Frederic's cousins are coming for dinner tomorrow night, and my former coworker is coming for the weekend next week. Then we leave a few days after that for the US for 3 1/2 weeks.

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Jesse said...

Have a wonderful trip home. I hope flying is uneventful and your time with family is amazing!