Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today in our house

It's really a wood-burning stove, and we use it to heat our house in the winter to try and keep our electric bills down. Otherwise we have electric radiators. We've had a fire going almost every day for a couple of weeks already, and have turned on the electric radiators in the boys' rooms and my office. Brrr!

It's still hard to get a picture of Benjamin since he's more interested in seeing what goes on on the other side of the camera.

He is still very excited about the trip home and will list off all the relatives he is going to see at the slightest encouragement. For some reason he likes to jump while he goes through the names.

And Noah is quite happy when he gets to go in his walker, but we have to keep a very close eye on him because of the aforementioned fireplace. He is definitely a thumb/finger-sucker, which Benjamin never was. He'll take a pacifier too, but prefers his hands.

In other news, the Montpellier thing is back up in the air (KNEW I shouldn't have mentioned it!!). It's a long story but to make it much shorter, someone's employer royally screwed up, and I'll give you a hint, it wasn't mine. So we're waiting to see what happens next, and don't know when we will know. I'll let you know when we know anything definite again about that!

Noah is a much, much bigger fan of "tummy time" than Benjamin ever was (just amazing how different two brothers can be, isn't it?). He doesn't scream bloody murder at me when I leave him like that for a while. He has started to get up on his knees! That is a new and exciting thing for us because Benjamin never did crawl so it's funny to us to see Noah trying to.

He is trying out his pack-n-play in my office here; I need him to be "contained" somewhere while I work so he tends to alternate between this and his swing.

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Dan, Kellie & Kiddos said...

Um, yeah, just a little bit different! I don't think we've had an actual fire in ours since we moved in a year ago - balloons, yep, pumpkin, yep, candles, yet...assortment of other toys, yep...wood and fire, nope! :)