Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun

Look, they are getting big enough to play together...

We don't really celebrate Halloween in France, because despite 12+ years of some French people trying to import the holiday, it's not a holiday that lends itself well to being imported. You need the whole neighborhood to be in on it for Trick or Treating to work out at all - it's kind of silly to try and get candy from people who have no idea why you are dressed up and ringing their doorbell. Even more so when some of the kids who have tried that at our home in the past haven't even been in costumes. Therefore we haven't ever felt the need to have the kids dress up, but we did carve a jack-o-lantern this year.

Benjamin did NOT want to help empty the pumpkin, because it was "yucky."

Noah DID want to help empty the pumpkin, but mainly just stuck his hand in there and didn't pull anything out.

Benjamin designed our jack-o-lantern this year. He didn't exactly draw the face we ended up with, but he started it out for us and described and then approved my interpretation of his design as we went.

Here you can see how he's directing the whole operation, telling Frederic how to carve the face.

And he's very pleased with the finished product, with its "big happy face." Happy faces are what we use on various behavior charts for Benjamin and for some reason they motivate him pretty well. He's very into happy faces, so that is what he wanted his jack-o-lantern to have.

Happy Halloween! (Feel free to save some candy for us, we'll be arriving in the US a mere two weeks after Halloween.)

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