Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to me

Belated on the blog, early in real life. Benjamin and Frédéric made me a birthday cake last weekend.

We celebrated a little early because my friend Delphine was spending the weekend here. She gave me a book (in English, yay!), and Frederic gave me a wireless mouse. When they come out with a wireless laptop, I will be set! (Actually, it seems they did, I just read about it this week.)

I turned 32, not 3, but we didn't have 32 candles so they only gave me one.


Top-of-the-Arch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - May you enjoy many more years of blessings, love, happiness, good health, peace (did I leave anything out?) The cake looks and I am sure is delicious. 32 - in my case, it was a long time ago!
Benjamin and Noah are such good kids :) The curly hair - how I wish ..... Have a wonderful weekend and the weeks ahead. It is getting cool here in St. Louis. It rained yesterday but today is sunny. Regards, TOTA

Kerrie said...

Oh, happy, happy belated birthday, Alisa!! How sweet that all your boys made a cake for you, too! :)