Sunday, October 18, 2009

so those green tomatoes...

I finally made jam out of them yesterday. Benjamin helped me wash them a couple of days ago.
The next day, he helped me crush them up in the food processor. I let them marinate with the sugar and lemon juice overnight in the fridge. Then they went on the stove. I think we ended up with about 4 kg (8.5 lbs) of green tomatoes.
A while later, here is our finished product - 9 jars! (One is already in the fridge in case anyone's counting.) Maybe I should put "real canning supplies" on my Christmas list, if we're going to start making a habit of this. We may also have to make more friends so we can give some of this stuff away.

* * *
This is one of Benjamin's favorite activities lately, thanks to the craft set his French grandmother brought him last week. When it's naptime or bedtime now, instead of asking for "2 minutes," he now asks for "2 minutes to cut!"

* * *
We are at D-4 weeks for our trip to the US... but before that we are heading up to the mountains in 2 weeks. Benjamin will be on fall break from school and Frederic wangled an extra day off with all his comp time, so we'll have a quick 4-day trip to check on the condo and be sure it's ready for this winter's rentals.

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