Monday, October 19, 2009

Today would have been a good day to stay in bed.

1. It was freezing out this morning (literally) but I don't have a scraper in my car. So my Borders Rewards card got to do the honors. I didn't think of leaving 5 minutes earlier to take Benjamin to school, so we had to hurry so he wouldn't be late.

2. In my hurry, I forgot to buckle Benjamin into his carseat. I didn't realize until we got to school (fortunately not very far), and he didn't tell me, either. When I picked him up, he did kindly point out that I "gotfor" (forgot in Benjamin-speak) his seatbelt in the morning.

3. When I got home, I put the trashcans away, but somehow banged one of them into the taillight of my car and broke it (the taillight, not the trash can, more's the pity).

4. I put Noah down for his nap, and worked a bit. Then I went upstairs when I heard him wake up, and found that he had taken off his sleepsack, his jacket, his pants, and unsnapped his onesie, and taken off his diaper. And then proceeded to poop in his bed and on the floor, and smear it all over his crib. Oh joy...

5. I put Noah in the shower and he screamed bloody murder so I had to take him downstairs to give him a bath instead. Then we went back upstairs so I could clean up the mess, disinfect his crib, and change his sheets, all the while thinking up various strategies to prevent catastrophes of this nature in the future.

6. Then I made pasta, went back to pick Benjamin up from school, came home, and was putting the pasta on their plates in the kitchen while Noah was opening the cabinet in the dining room, and he proceeded to break two bowls (one with my name on it some friends gave us, one that Frederic always used at his grandparents' house growing up).

7. Noah got a spanking for that and went into his highchair and screamed at me some more - until I gave him food.

Also, Benjamin is apparently the only child at school without mittens, and I got a splinter from the firewood today.

Oh, and Noah is now in bed for his nap, wearing his sleepsack backwards. Surely he can't unzip it from the back... right???

And all this in one morning.... maybe I should spend the afternoon in bed.


Debbie Davis said...

Why is it after all these years I can still relate to what you are going through. Oh wait, it's because my grandkids have kept that memory alive. I know it wasn't fun for you, but I am smiling here in Manchester.

Aims said...

Ah yes... I remember the "poo-as-fingerpaint" phase all too well... I think I ended up using duct tape around the tops of the diapers at naptime so they couldn't get them off. I keep hoping to get old and senile so I can forget that one!!! :)

Makes you thankful for the normal (closer to normal??) days!

Becky said...

Oh, wow. I think one of my ovaries just died.

Sandi said...

That was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

I know someone who used duct tape on the diaper.

Oh -- look at that -- someone else thought of that before me!