Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changeable weather and another castle

With the rain/sun/rain/sun/cloudy/sun weather we've had lately, we've had plenty of these:

Yesterday morning, my dad and Noah tossed the football around. (Who says we aren't teaching our kids American culture?)

And the boys swept the patio. They love to be helpful as long as it is outside and involves something they want to do.

In the afternoon we decided to brave the capricious weather ("It's sunny, let's go! Oh, it's cloudy again. Maybe the sun will come back? Doesn't look like it. Oh, there it is!") to go to the Pierrefonds castle, which we last visited in 2008.

On the way up, Benjamin found a pine cone which he told me was "for his collection." (I didn't know he had one.) Then he tossed it away. (I guess that is why I didn't know he had one.)

In the space of about ten minutes, we went from this:

to a downpour, to this:

Noah didn't want to go near the dragon until Grandad put his head in the dragon's mouth to show him it was ok... then he decided he could take the risk, too.

The boys posed for plenty of pictures for my Parental Mythology annals.

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Ryan said...

Where did you get the football? Do they sell those in France? Did Dad bring it in his suitcase?