Monday, August 20, 2012

Heat wave!

I know you haven't seen many of these pictures yet this summer. We wore long pants and sweaters all through July, and all of a sudden the heat wave hit a couple of days ago. The boys have taken full advantage of the pool since then, no matter how much their teeth chatter in the frosty 71°F-after-having-been-heated-by-the-sun-all-day well water in the pool.

This is my Aquatic Parental Mythology picture. So I can pretend it wasn't all trying to splash or drown each other.

Sunday, our friends came over for the day. We had house church, lunch, and let the kids play in the pool all afternoon.These four take some great pictures together.

The Fun Parent (aka Frédéric) set up a waterslide for them.

When your goosebumps get too big, and your teeth chatter so much you can't talk, it's time to take a break in the sun, on the swingset.

Look at those handsome guys! And yes, they do wear their swim caps to swim in the pool in our yard. By their own choice. What can I say, they are French!

Frédéric made Benjamin an inner tube out of the two pool noodles. Looks pretty relaxing!

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mackenzie said...

Great pictures. They came out crystal clear! Thanks for sharing.