Saturday, August 11, 2012

Landlocked Beach

We thought we were about three hours from the nearest beach... until they started "Villers Plage." Several years back, the concept began as "Paris Plage" (Paris Beach), where they bring in truckloads of sand and dump it along the banks of the Seine, in the attempt to provide a "vacation" atmosphere for those who aren't able to go to an actual beach during summer vacation.

Well, who says you have to go to the seaside or to Paris to have the "beach"? We have our own right in Villers Cotterets now, complete with bouncy houses. Benjamin was not even remotely interested in the sand, as it turned out, and spent his time in the bouncy houses and on the nearby playground.

But Noah spent almost the entire time in the giant sandbox, happily playing with toys other kids had brought and abandoned.

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Claire said...

I'm with Noah on this one. Love that sand.