Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New form of parental cruelty revealed: refusal to let children mop

It's a laugh a minute with this one...

Noah: I did a lot of work on the computer.
Me: Oh, you did? Are you going to make a lot of money?
Noah: Yes. And Daddy doesn't want.
Me: Daddy doesn't want you to work?
Noah: No.
Me: He doesn't want you to work and make a lot of money?
Noah: No, he doesn't.
Me: Well, that is because he wants you to be poor so you will live with us. If you were rich, you would buy your own house, and not live with us.
Noah: That is what I want.
Me: You do? You don't want to live with us?
Noah: No. Because if I had my own house then I could do the ménage [housework].  Because here you don't let me mop the floor.

I guess we need to start some chore charts or something. Or we could just let him get a job and get his own house. He spends his free time looking online for houses for sale. And I am not making that up. He is pretty sure that he can buy one with the money in his piggy bank.

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Ryan said...

Send him to stay with us, and we'll let him do housework, no problem.