Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gymnastics Gala

The end of the school year is a very busy time for us, between school programs, swim meets, and gymnastics galas, plus all the usual weekends spent visiting and flea markets.

The boys had their gymnastics gala last night. The "baby" class (2-5 year olds) were allowed to dress up as anything they liked (thank you, Céline, for the clown costume).... Noah's first idea was to be a shark. He said I could make him a shark costume, because "you have a machine like Grandma." Ha! He doesn't know that the machine doesn't include the talent with it!

The evening's theme was a music box that traveled through time, and Benjamin's group did the 1950s, with a dance to Jailhouse Rock.

Noah's group did a Hokey-Pokey type dance, which was pretty funny.

Here is Benjamin's show, for your viewing pleasure... (don't mind all the rude people going up & down the stairs in front of me while I was trying to record it. Grrrrr.)  He's the one who keeps pulling up his jeans and slicking back his hair. He was not happy about gel in his hair!

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Dale said...

Great job, Benjamin!!!