Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunshine, Mouse, and Fairy

Finally, some sunshine!! And we weren't the only ones who appreciated it! It was a shock to our systems to go from 40°s-50°s and rain to 75-80° and sun overnight, but not to worry. Last night it rained, and continued to off and on all day today, so it's a cool 57° again now.

Which didn't stop Frédéric from starting to prepare the "pool spot" on the lawn...

Benjamin lost a tooth at school Friday, and really lost it, as in couldn't find it.

I told him he should write a letter to the Mouse and the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation. (He said he should just write one to me, since I am the Tooth Fairy. Hmph.) But he wanted his money, so he cranked out these two masterpieces:

"Dear tooth fairy, mi tooth did fall, and i losd it can you put mi meuny aniway pleas. benjamin"  

"Chère Souris, j'ai perdue ma dent et je lai perdue peut tu me donner de l'argent silvouplaît. benjamin"

He checked under his pillow the next morning, and found nothing, and said, "Hmph, see, there was no point writing the letters." But as he walked out of his room, he found one 50-centime coin on top of each letter. The Tooth Fairy must have ridden in on the mouse's back.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

An American entrepreneur spirit at such a young age, Benjamin will sure be a successful person!