Friday, October 4, 2013

The Physics of Swimming

So, as most of you know, Benjamin is participating in swim team for the second year, and this year he's on the competitive team. And Noah is doing another round of swimming lessons.

As Noah came out of lessons Monday, we had this conversation...

Noah: Did I swim good?
Me: Well, you didn't get off the wall.
Noah: Oui. Mais c'est parce que je risque de couler.  [Yes, but that is because I might sink.]
Me: No, you wouldn't.
Benjamin: Noah, quand je nage sur le dos, tu me vois couler ?  [Noah, when I'm swimming on my back, do you see me sink?]
Noah: Non, parce que les grands ne coulent pas.  [No, because big people don't sink.]
Benjamin: Noah, ta tête peut pas couler. Plus on est lourd, plus on flotte. Ta tête est lourde, alors, elle flotte. [Noah, your head can't sink. The heavier you are, the more you float. Your head is heavy, so it floats.]
Noah: Non, mais toi t'as 7 ans. Moi, j'ai que 5 ans. Tu crois que c'est assez gros, ça ?! Non. [No, but you are 7. I am only 5. You think that's big enough?! No.]

(He did manage to get off the wall tonight, though, and he came home afterwards, so I guess he didn't sink. Whew.)

(And Mom, it is a good thing you are coming soon, they desperately need someone to make them speak more English!!!)

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